“A magnificent novel elegantly and deftly crafted by a talented writer.
A compelling read.”


New York Times Best-Selling Author and TV/Radio Personality 

“A terrific story filled with political intrigue, well-drawn characters, romantic entanglements and an explosive ending! Grab a snack, settle down and enjoy a great read.”

– Karna Bodman, Washington, DC

Award-winning author of 5 international thrillers
and Former Senior Director and spokesman for the National Security Council

“Started reading commitment one evening to find I could not put it down. The tenderness and compassion of the developing characters drew me into their lives and situations. When I finished, I didn’t want it to end.”


Former Theater Co-director And Producer, New York

“A great sense of character development portraying believable people with deep roots in reality. I was persuaded with details about place, behavior, and dialog. The characters came alive and spoke to my reason and emotions. The story was filled with suspense, tension, relief… Dazzling portrayal!”


Technical Writer, Palo Alto, California

“Simply brilliant! The unexpected twist at the end was ingenious! An irresistible read!”

– Geri T

Former FBI Analyst (Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI) 29 years, Washington D.C. 

“Wonderful read. I started last night and couldn’t stop–a real page turner. Lots of twists and turns. Well written with great detail. R.C. Cord has done his research. It’s a tale of love and politics, jealousy and dirty tricks. Something for everyone.”

– Edward R. Maxwell, Ph.D., Linguistics

“A great romance novel. I couldn’t put it down. The writing style and the wealth of knowledge is amazing!”

– C.A.O., York University

“A friend recommended this book to me. I enjoyed it from the very first page and couldn’t wait to find out what was next. The diversity of topics in the book keeps the reader wanting to learn more”

– D.H., Ontario

“Grabbed my attention from the first page. Will recommend to my book club!”

–  M.S., Toronto

“A fun read with a good mix of politics and romance. You will love “meeting” David Madison as he goes from depressed veteran, to aspiring artist to single parent and finally a venture into politics. His political opponent is a corrupt politician as well as someone from David’s past. There are many twists and turns as these very different men campaign against each other. Two women are in David’s life and he is struggling with the difficult choice of who he is truly in love with. To quote from the book “Being pursued by two beautiful women who are in love with you is a more dangerous minefield than politics.” There are surprises throughout the story and I found myself unable to stop reading
until I got to the conclusion. ”

– Lorraine

Goodreads Reviewer 

“I loved it! I really loved the twist in the end, brilliant! I can’t wait to find out what happens in the sequel! I would recommend this book, it’s a five star for me!”

– Jewell Duty, Washington, DC

“I do hope you will continue to write more novels, perhaps even continuing to follow David Madison or even branching off to Katherine Coyle, whose strength could be a role model for young women. No matter what you decide to write about, I will definitely buy it and pass the word along to friends.”

– T.W., Washington, DC

“Add to your TBR list!
Definitely a page turner! This was a book I couldn’t put down. Characters are relatable and story line draws you in.”

– Wendi, Amazon

“Great read. I couldn’t put this book down!! Great characters, you really felt connected and needed to know what happened. A little bit of everything drama, romance, intrigue. Highly recommend this book.”

– Timothy Chagnon

“My husband and I both thoroughly enjoyed your book ‘Commitment.’ We read the whole book out loud to each other so we could experience the story together. We both felt excited to get back to reading it every chance we got. We felt that the characters were like real people, and you kept us eager to know what would happen next.”

– C.L., Nicasio, California